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Can You Freeze Injera? How to Freeze Injera

Freeze Injera

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Can you freeze injera? Injera is a kind of Ethiopian sourdough-risen flatbread. This bread is run of the mill in the East African district and is customarily eaten with stews, soups, and salads.

Injera – which is the national dish of Ethiopia and Eritrea – is an unfathomably slender bread yet has an elastic surface and gentle flavor. This kind of bread is very uncommon so on the off chance that you discovered some in your neighborhood market and you adore flatbread, stock up on injera! Obviously, you can likewise make your own injera utilizing teff flour and a skillet.

Injera turns mildew covered significantly more rapidly than different flatbreads so it must be stored appropriately. It is conceivable to hold the delicate, chewy surface of the flatbread as long as you prepared the injera preceding storage.

Freeze Injera
Freeze Injera

At the point when kept at room temperature, injera could keep crisp for up to 2 to 3 days as it were. In the fridge, injera is protected to gobble for as long as 7 days. What’s more, when frozen, it will keep crisp for 2 to 3 months. However, we recommend devouring the flatbread as quickly as time permits notwithstanding when it’s frozen. The more extended the injera is kept in the freezer, the higher the odds of surface and flavor change.

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In the event that state, you overestimated the measure of flatbread you purchased, here is a well ordered guide on how can you freeze injera:

How to Freeze Injera?

Contingent upon the condition of the injera, there are various approaches to prepare the flatbread preceding freezing.

Freezing Unopened Injera

On the off chance that the flatbread’s bundling is unopened, you can just stick the injera into the freezer in its present condition. Simply try to mark the item with the storage date.

Freezing Homemade Injera

For homemade injera, leave the flatbread to cool for an hour or two on a cooling rack preceding freezing. At that point, wrap the injera in tin foil.

Enclosing the bread by aluminum foil, there ought to never be a spot uncovered or the bread won’t freeze appropriately. Water gems will frame into uncovered bread and this will influence the shelf life and surface of the injera once it’s been defrosted. When wrapped, stick the bread in the freezer.

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Freezing Leftover Injera

To prepare leftover as well as homemade injera, envelop every flatbread by stick wrap or aluminum foil totally however layer a sheet of wax paper on each bread. This will keep the injera from adhering to each other as it freezes.

In the wake of enveloping the bread by defensive stick wrap or aluminum foil, place the entire thing in a freezer-protected, resealable plastic pack. Press however much air as could reasonably be expected before fixing. Get a marker, name the item with the storage date, and stick in the freezer.

How to Defrost and Reheat Injera?

Defrosting the Injera

Injera is anything but difficult to defrost however do as such continuously so the surface and taste won’t change by any stretch of the imagination. To defrost injera, move the frozen flatbread from the freezer and onto the kitchen counter. Try not to put the frozen injera in the fridge in light of the fact that once you warm the flatbread, it ends up dry and bland.

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Once the injera has been defrosted for an hour or something like that, get a few clammy paper towels. Spot the paper towels on top of the injera and after that stick the flatbread in the microwave to warm. The moist paper towels will shield the injera from warmth while likewise keeping it sodden as it is warmed.

Warming the Injera

When you’re finished warming, you can now serve and appreciate this delightful flatbread. You can likewise warm the injera in broiler toasters for a moment or two, contingent upon how you like your flatbread.


There’s no uncertainty about it, injera is probably the best kind of flatbreads to use for stews and saucy dishes. The flatbread has a heavenly smoky flavor that is totally novel and scrumptious! Since you realize how can you freeze injera, you can store a greater amount of your preferred flatbread for future dinners.

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