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Can You Freeze Buttercream Frosting? How to Freeze Buttercream Frosting

Freeze Buttercream Frosting

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Baking with buttercream? Buttercream made without any preparation includes perpetual whisking so you need to make the most out of the icing to amplify your exertion. Imagine a scenario where you have a great deal of leftover icing. Can you freeze buttercream icing? Overabundance buttercream is very normal and it is incredible to realize that icing freezes well!

It is important, however, that buttercream comes in 5 types. A portion of these kinds of buttercream freeze well superior to other people. Moreover, the five unique kinds of buttercream are set up in two distinct ways!

Freeze Buttercream Frosting
Freeze Buttercream Frosting

5 Types of Buttercream

American Buttercream

American buttercream has a cushioned and smooth consistency. It is generally light yellow in shading and is somewhat firmer than most sorts of buttercreams. Making the buttercream does not require cooking, only a long beating.

French Buttercream

French buttercream has a smooth, rich flavor and a splendid yellow shade on account of the egg-yolk froth. This kind of buttercream is the most hard to make since it requires cooking hot sugar syrup and blending it into the beaten yolks. You need to keep the blender running while at the same time consolidating the sugar syrup on the grounds that the warmth could make the egg yolks scramble! This buttercream doesn’t hold well in warm temperature.

Italian Buttercream

Italian buttercream is made with Italian meringue, which clarifies its light yellow or practically white shading. This buttercream holds up well in warm temperature. making Italian buttercream requires cooking and it includes sprinkling hot sugar syrup over an egg froth made uniquely of egg whites.

Swiss Buttercream

Swiss buttercream is a light and fleecy icing with a polished completion. This buttercream is made with Swiss meringue. This is one of the least demanding buttercreams to make since you don’t need to pour the hot sugar syrup over an egg-based froth.

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German Buttercream

German buttercream is a custard-based buttercream with a smooth, rich consistency and a profound yellow shading. This buttercream type is generally lighter than American buttercream yet you can include a greater amount of the custard base for a thicker consistency.

Buttercream Cooking Methods

There are two different ways of making buttercream sans preparation:

Made with Sweet Base: This arrangement includes including a sweet base, for example, custard or pudding, to beaten spread.

Buttercream with Egg Foam Base: This arrangement is made by consolidating cubes of mellowed margarine to an egg froth base or meringue.

The five distinct sorts of buttercream can be separated into two cooking techniques. American and German buttercreams are made utilizing a sweet base. French, Italian, and Swiss buttercreams are made utilizing an egg froth base.

How to Make Buttercream Frosting

How to Freeze Buttercream Frosting

Freezing overabundance buttercream icing is so natural. Simply scoop the buttercream into a resealable plastic sack and crush out as much air as you can before fixing. Seal, compose the storage date at that point stick in the freezer. Spot the buttercream in the coldest spot in your freezer to broaden its shelf life.

Do take note of that crisply made buttercream freezes superior to buttercream that has been left sitting too long at room temperature or in the fridge.

General Buttercream Guidelines

Room Temperature Ingredients

When making the buttercream icing, consistently use room temperature ingredients (eggs and margarine). This will limit the danger of detachment between ingredients, particularly on the off chance that you are freezing the overabundance buttercream. By utilizing room temperature ingredients, the buttercream will likewise turn out smoother and hold its surface longer.

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Watch the Butter Softness

You need to relax the spread to make the buttercream. However, the delicate quality must be perfect. On the off chance that the spread is too delicate, the consistency of the buttercream will wind up grainy because of coagulating once blended utilizing the blender. To accomplish the ideal delicate quality, the margarine ought to be melty yet not excessively oily. On the off chance that the outside of the spread has turned sleek, it’s too delicate. The margarine should sever effectively into pieces once tossed in the blender.

Counteracting Curdling

Now and then the buttercream would build up a coagulated surface notwithstanding when you did everything right. This is ordinary and effectively rectified by incredible blending. Try not to stop when you see the detachment between the ingredients; keep blending until the buttercream is smooth and smooth.

Picking the Right Sugar

Truly, the sort of sugar you use for the buttercream could influence the icing’s consistency! For the most part, utilize powdered or confectioner’s sugar when making American buttercream. Powdered sugar disintegrates effectively into the margarine for a smooth, smooth buttercream icing. When making European buttercream icing, use sugar syrup made from granulated sugar to accomplish the correct consistency. Add the sugar gradually to hold the buttercream icing’s smooth consistency.

Reconstituting Breaking Buttercream Frosting

In the event that for reasons unknown your buttercream icing breaks as you beat vivaciously, there is an approach to restore its consistency. Simply put the icing in the fridge and leave it to solidify a bit. At that point, remove the icing from the fridge, beat it again utilizing the blender on high until the buttercream emulsifies. As you beat, keep including spread continuously. On the off chance that the buttercream icing breaks past salvation, coat the icing with squashed nuts in the wake of spreading on the cake.

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Shelf Life, Thawing and Reheating Suggestions

At the point when kept in the freezer, buttercream icing will keep new for as long as 3 months. Defrosting the buttercream icing ought to be decent and moderate. Begin by moving the frozen buttercream icing in the fridge and leave it to mellow medium-term.

When you’re prepared to ice the cake, remove the buttercream icing from the fridge and carry it to room temperature. At that point, re-whip the buttercream icing until light and fleecy. Beating still-cold buttercream icing will result in a grainy, soured consistency.

On the off chance that for reasons unknown the buttercream icing stays grainy, let the icing sit out for somewhat longer at that point whip once more. To thicken the buttercream icing, include a tablespoon or two of powdered.


Making buttercream icing sans preparation is in no way, shape or form a simple accomplishment however there’s only something about icing that makes any sort of baked merchandise look and taste surprisingly better. Can you freeze buttercream icing? The uplifting news is, buttercream icing can be made ahead and frozen for some other time. For whatever length of time that you remember these tips, you can make the icing ahead of time!

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