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Can You Freeze Jello Shots? How To Freeze Jello Shots

Freeze Jello Shots

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Can you freeze jello shots? Jello shots are made with gelatin so they won’t freeze like an ice cube. However, it’s very conceivable (and simple!) to freeze jello shots.

The issue with freezing jello shots is that the blend loses its surface and flavor when frozen, despite the fact that individuals cause fruitful To crystallize O popsicles by adding Kool-Aid to their mixture that turns out great.

That being stated, since liquor won’t freeze until it comes to – 143.7°F, – 97.6°C, and your home refrigerator won’t go that low except if you have influenced some real adjustments to your unit, freezing Jell-O shooters makes a wreck. On the off chance that you make sense of that one, hit us up and let us know how it functions. You may have a companion.

Freeze Jello Shots
Freeze Jello Shots

You can in any case make them early and they will hold three to four days in the refrigerator in the event that you wrap and seal them a long time before they lose their form, shading, and flavor. There are numerous plans and a fast pursuit will give you a wide range of thoughts for your Jell-O shots. None of them, however, recommends freezing them. So, any kind of sustenance can be frozen so in case you’re focused on storing leftover jello shots, you can freeze them.

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How to Freeze Jello Shots?

Before we proceed with the well ordered guide on how can you freeze jello shots, we should begin with the essentials of making jello shots.

The fundamental formula calls for supplanting half of your preferred water with the alcohol, in spite of the fact that you can supplant the majority of the water with alcohol on the off chance that you pick. Clear mixers, for example, vodka, will in general work better.

Making the Jello Shots


  1. 3 Ounces of Jell-O brand gelatin or conventional item (your decision of flavor)
  2. 1 Cup of bubbling water
  3. 1 Cup (4 ounces) Vodka, Tequila, Gin, Brandy, Rum, Whiskey

Tip: I have recently found a lot of ways to replace the cooking ingredients on Melissa’s blog. You can refer to her high-quality articles. On the off chance that you need more fragile shots, supplant the alcohol with ½ cup of water and chill the blend together until it is freezing.

Chill the alcohol in the freezer until it is extremely, cold. Pour gelatin blend and after that high temp water into a blending bowl. Mix until the gelatin is broken down, at that point blend in the chilled alcohol.

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Fill shot glasses, molds, plastic medication cups or you can empty the blend into a heating dish and cut into squares when you prepare to serve your Jell-O shots. Makes around 20 shots, contingent upon their size, which ought to be sufficient for around three to four of your partygoers. So make sure that you make enough Jell-O shooters.

Take the time, before making this formula to serve to your visitors, to discover a formula that gives you the firmest and longest enduring shots. Investigation and have a ton of fun doing as such.

Freezing the Jello Shots

In the wake of making the jello shots, you can proceed with the freezing. Get fun-sized or little resealable plastic packs and empty the gel blend into the sacks. Try not to fill the plastic pack, leave an inch of room so you can seal the plastic sacks appropriately. Subsequent to pressing the jello blend, seal the plastic packs and compose the storage date utilizing a marker. Stick in the freezer and you’re finished.

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Do take note of that we don’t suggest freezing the jello shots for in excess of half a month.

Gelatin, which is a protein that changes the structure of fluid to shape Jell-O and liquor, won’t be frozen strong. It is a tough adaptable protein that is gotten from the connective and defensive tissues of creatures. Harden O is held together with polymers and colloids. Freezing the gelatine too long may prompt saturation or soft jello shots.

How to Defrost Frozen Jello Shots?

To defrost the frozen jello shots, just exchange the compartment from the freezer to the fridge. Leave the jello shots to defrost for a few hours to medium-term. Never leave the jello shots to defrost at room temperature. This may make the gelatine separate and liquify.


Freezing jello shots may require some preliminary and exertion however it’s superior to squandering the jello shots. Since you realize how can you freeze jello shots, there is no compelling reason to stress over how to manage your leftovers. Simply freeze the jello shots and appreciate them later.

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