Fatz Cafe Menu Prices

Fatz Cafe Menu Prices, History & Review

FATZ Cafe promises their customers delicious homemade food. They are a casual dining restaurant that focuses on southern hospitality. The staff goes out of their way to make everyone feel at home by providing a warm, friendly atmosphere. They treat everyone with respect throughout each restaurant.

They serve lunch and dinner with a southern vibe. They currently have 48 locations that are located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Tennessee. They operate under Cafe Enterprises, Inc. and their headquarters is found in Taylors, South Carolina. They strive to have a Fatz Cafe Menu Prices with variety at affordable prices.

Fatz Cafe Menu Prices
Fatz Cafe Menu Prices

Fatz Cafe Menu Prices

History of Fatz Cafe

FATZ began in 1988. A group of friends had become tired with the same old chain restaurants. Their goal was to create a place that was different than the rest. They focused on building a restaurant to serve the community. The first restaurant was a converted roadside peach stand in Spartanburg, SC.

The cornerstone to their existence has been their relationship with the communities they serve. With their Short Stacks for Big Change program, they take big steps make sure they can give back. Although they do not normally offer breakfast, they open their doors early on Sunday mornings in order to help raise funds for local organizations.

Not only do they open their doors, but they provide the staff and food as well. Even their public relations department chips in with templates for flyers, banners, signs, tickets, and a press release. They have raised over two million dollars with these events. Their commitment to their community reflects on their commitment to serving great meals.

They make sure that the people who run their restaurants are active in the community as well. The connection ensures that there is a vested interest in serving great tasting food with friendly service. They have built their business on making sure that their guests are taken care of and happy. Guests are urged to speak with management about any issue.

Fatz Cafe Review

FATZ promises great homemade meals and they deliver. Their menu is packed with variety so there is certainly something for everyone. There is a kids menu available. For adults, there are bar selections as well. To start, they have appetizers such as fried green tomatoes and onion rings. Their loaded baked potato soup is popular and they offer daily specials. The salad menu includes several choices from the simple house salad to their Asian chicken salad.

They offer various types of steaks, seafood, ribs, and chops. Even the best cut of steak is priced for less than $20. They also have chicken – their famous Calabash chicken included. Their Calabash is based on a style of cooking from the small beach town of Calabash located in North Carolina. They use a secret blend of seasonings, marinate in buttermilk, and hand-breaded chicken. They have a special way of frying the chicken so that it comes out light and golden while keeping the meat juicy and tender. The chicken items run less than $15. If it is too hard to make a decision between steak, seafood, or chicken, there is a menu section reserved for duos and trios that have combination dishes. They range from under $15 to $20.

Angus beef is used in their selection of burgers and they are served on a brioche bun. Sandwiches such as the Calabash wrap are available. Burgers and sandwiches are about $10. There is even a menu section reserved for those who would like tasty food in a smaller portion. To go along with a meal, they offer signature sides including steamed broccoli, cinnamon apples, red-skinned mashed potatoes, and more. There are also premium sides available like baked sweet potatoes and stone-ground cream cheese grits. Meals can be finished off with a delicious dessert – classic cheesecake, Carolina peach cobbler, or a deep dish chocolate chip cookie.

FATZ Cafe not only has a day with special pricing for their guests “50 years young and up,” but they also run a variety of promotional days and specials. They have special to-go items, such as the Calabash N Dash that can serve a family of four. They offer catering for parties or for tail gating with a wide selection of menu items. Between their community service and friendly service, FATZ is a great place to visit and feel at home.


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