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Chipotle Secret Menu Prices

Chipotle Secret Menu Prices

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What is it with the famous people and Chipotle? They are admired by many, Kardashians and Clintons included. Maybe they are simply one of the people, especially when it comes to tasty food.

Nevertheless, they certainaly have good tastes. Speaking of good tastes, let’s divulge Chipotle’s secret menu items.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Menu Prices
Chipotle Secret Menu Prices

Chipotle Secret Menu Prices


  • Price: Starting at $4.99 + $0.80 per additional side.
  • Where is it Available?: Limited locations
  • How to order: Ask for one side of the burrito to be layered with cheese. Order half the amount of a regular burrito’s fillings on top of that cheese. Place another handful of cheese on top of the fillings. Fold it in half. Place in the warmer and grill until toasty brown.

This is where the burrito meets cheesy quesadilla and falls madly in love. Smaller than the Quesarito, but is still packed with delicious flavor.

It only contains half the filling of a regular burrito and it’s pillowed by handfuls of cheese and grilled like a quesadilla. If you want all of the flavor, but don’t want the hassle of a messy bite-full, this one’s for you, delicate one.

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Double Wrapped Burrito

  • Price: Free for one extra tortilla
  • Where is it Available?: All locations
  • How to order: Ask for two tortillas

Carbs anyone? If you are someone who can eat plain bread, because you can’t get enough carbs, this is for you, carb-loader.

Sometimes, like when you’re planning for a marathon, you just need to carb-load. Thankfully for you, you are not gluten-intolerant.

Go crazy and order a double wrapped burrito. Yes, Chipotle will give you two tortillas, if you ask ever so sweetly.

Free Toppings

  • Price: Free
  • Where is it Available?: All locations
  • How to order: Ask for fajita veggies, fresh cilantro, and/or salsa.

Chipotle has several toppings that they offer free of charge, including: fajita veggies, fresh cilantro and variations of salsa.

Go crazy, salsa lovers, and order a burrito with the “everything” salsa. It’s a fiesta in your mouth.

Chipotle Nachos

  • Price: starting at $6.25
  • Where is it Available?: All locations
  • How to order: Ask for nachos and specify toppings desired

This is pretty straightforward. It’s just not on the menu. Ask for nachos. Ask for the toppings you want on your nachos.


  • Price: Starting at $2.95 – $4.75
  • Where is it Available?: All locations
  • How to order: Order a quesadilla and specify any burrito toppings you want. They will know to grill it.

Surprisingly this isn’t on the menu. No worries. You can order it anyway.

Who doesn’t love a triangular burrito slice? It’s a grilled slice of Heaven.


  • Price: Starting at $3.50 above the standard burrito
  • Where is it Available?: Most locations
  • How to order: Ask for a Quesarito. If they are unfamiliar with this, ask for a burrito to be put inside of a quesadilla.

This is the ultimate, cheesy burrito goodness. Make sure you come hungry.

Taco Salad

  • Price: Starting at $6.25
  • Where is it Available?: Very limited locations
  • How to order: Ask if they have a taco salad bowl. If they do, you’re golden. If not, better luck next time.

Request taco bowl. Load with favorite toppings. Crunchity crunch.

Don’t Limit Yourself To This Or That

  • Price: No price change with half scoops of two items
  • Where is it Available?: Most locations, if you’re nice
  • How to order: Ask for a half scoop of black and pinto beans, or a half scoop of chicken and beef. You get the picture.

Don’t limit yourself. If your taste buds want variety, then give it to them.

There are no limits to the half scoop variations.

Enjoy Chipotle’s Secret Menu

Chipotle is a great way to get your Mexican fix, and you can feel good about eating there, because there’s so many healthy options.

Whether you are there to run into your fave celeb or simply want some cheesy goodness, Chipotle has the secret menu option for you.

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